ホーム5th テーマ「VISION」

5th テーマ「VISION」

theme of 5th「Vision」



- 世界的,未来的Vision
- ドキュメンタリーとして価値のあるVision 
- 想像力としてのVision

- 世界的,未来的Vision



- 想像力としてのVision

2018 – VISION

Applications for 5th Japanese Serbian Film Festival 2018

Theme: “V I S I O N ”

Theme of JSFF2018 will deepen visionary status and skills of next generation. Due to expressive inconsistent interpretation, for this year, JSFF will provide three contexts for adapting VISION theme.

- Global Vision

- Documented Visionary Impact

- Vision Imaginative

Important notice: There are no categories for award, contexts are provided only as theme guideline.

GLOBAL VISION – In this context we are expecting works on “How do we imagine our world to be?” It is not limited to world, country, city or community, but we do hope to find global phenomena exposed within (Political, Social, Science and tech, Sports, Arts and other disciplines can be used as explanatory area of visionary world).

Parallel timelines showed that vision hasn’t straighten common global direction yet. While we have advanced robotics and Ai development breakthrough in Japan as visionary concept, in Serbia vision has more socio-political form. We understand that Japanese TV and Cinema for decades had built solid ground for mass understanding of advanced tech, thus innovations fantasy and scientific content grew into pop culture with strong global identity. Unlikely, Serbia (successor of SFR Yugoslavia) home of two outstanding innovative patents (FIRST ROBOTIC HAND and EXOSCELLETON), former regional robotic and technology leading country, facing complicated geo-political impacts have lost grounds of science and tech awareness. Today, we can mostly see social visionary topics in Serbian cinema.

DOCUMENTED VISIONARY IMPACT - Documentaries which follow impact of individuals or one group’s vision and its realization. No limitations of areas and disciplines followed.

Also interpret as Vision in Realization, other stories to enhance Visionary role in every process. We hope to see how ones or groups Vision inspired or led the idea to reality.

VISION IMAGINATIVE – There is grey area of undeterred meaning of “Vision” which we open for various interpretative methods.

Questions on which applicants can think to respond of could be:

- How vision would look like?

- How does Vision feel?

- How Vision behaves?

- What would world be without vision?

- How people without vision build their world?

- Surreal interpretation of vision (Images or sound)

- Others…

2017 テーマ “TABOO” –

Japanese Serbian Film festival (JSFF) in 2016 will promote personal, social and spiritual values in film, drama and performance industry by setting award criteria within this year’s topic: “TABOO”.

Since both countries enjoy long tradition, Japanese and Serbian society meets various challenges of contemporary world and how those transitions reflect both societies. Almost every segment of life contains some area, both for Japan and Serbia to be considered as Taboo (Love, Work, Relationships, habits, codes, laws, gender issues etc.). 

JSFF is happy that in previous three events there were many authors responsive on this topic, and we look forward to reach more works for year 2017.