English 2019


Applications for Japanese Serbian Film Festival 2019


A controversy of intensive development in artificial intelligence is bringing up new questions based on big data analysis and social impact on modern society. CREATOR and CREATION relation has transformed from religious to scientific, where human-machine become more obvious as nearly as a parent-child cycle.

JSFF 2019 will deepen the nature of this relationship in 3 possible aspects:

- HUMAN and PRODUCT (art piece, industrial, theoretical etc.)

Important notice: There are no categories for award, contexts are provided only as theme guideline only.

HUMAN and PRODUCT – There are many studies and principles on the creation and/or creative process. Basically, it refers to all beings able to produce anything. Thus, each work applied on JSFF2019 stands for creation as result on the creator’s process.
Evaluating process would focus on 3 stages: preparation, processing and production. All of three aspects should be visible through final product, however, its genesis, directing aesthetics, script and production are immanent factor of works value.


HUMAN and MACHINE – Last century achieved remarkable development and involvement of machinery in everyday life. Thus the relationship of those two identities has been transforming from pure consuming of a machine by human towards mutual affection and more obvious reaction from machine to human, especially with stronger software development. This ongoing process keeps bringing new phenomena and questions on background and future of this relationship and its consequences, which we, through next selection want to see deeper.


PARENT and CHILD – This is longest cycling Creator and Creation process on Earth. Is continues role transfer model where Creation become creator. This system allowed us to maintain sources, use transferred experience and knowledge and develop future to this remarkable level.



Who can apply?

All movie authors whose movies match the qualification, regardless nationality, experience, profession or any additional criteria.


  • Length: Maximum length 30 minutes.
  • Genre: All genres
  • Country of origin: Japan, Serbia, Others (conditional)
    Aim of locality is to bring closer local phenomena’s of both countries to each other and also to promote unity between Japan and Serbia.
    If movie is not created in production of one of JSFF mother countries, films are eligible for application if:
    - Directors origin country is Japan or Serbia
    - Film is made in Serbia or Japan by foreign production
    - Film follows Visionary phenomena in area of Serbia and/or japan
    - Topic relates to Visionary phenomena with Serbia and/or japan
    - Topic relates with global visionary phenomena (in this case Serbia and/or Japan should be one of countries from the content).
  • Year of Productions: All movies made after year: 2000.
  • Video format: wmv, avi, mp4, Mpeg

Movies must not be larger than 1.6 GB (4k formats are not acceptable)

  • Authors that have been screened on previous JSFF: YES
  • Authors that have applied on previous but haven’t passed selection process of JSFF: YES
  • Group of authors: YES



JSFF2019 will have 3 AWARDS

  • Best Movie Award
  • Creation Award to Serbian Creator (by Japanese Jury)
  • Creation Award to Japanese Creator (By Serbian Jury)

JSFF Jury keeps the right to add special awards or to change the list of Awards before the official Festival. Except the Best Movie Overall. 



Application should have:


  1. Filled and signed application form (in English mandatory) i Japanese / Serbian (desirable)

    Filled application form on English (obligatory) and Japanese/Serbian (optional)
    applocation form download >>

  2. Screening video file (final version)
  3. Subtitle files (English subtitle file, not burned-in file)
  4. YouTube or Vimeo link of movie with English title (password)
  5. Trailer (optional)
  6. Photography of Director
  7. Movie poster
  8. Film stills
  9. Send all documents listed above to jsff.submissions@gmail.com
    and noah0402+jsff@gmail.com