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5th JSFF

(Japanese Serbian Film Festival)


All applications must fill following form from download link and submit to jsff.submissions@gmail.com

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JSFF About

Japanese Serbian Film Festival started in 2014 as Japanese Short Film festival with agenda to enhance Japanese cultural promotion to Serbia and other countries as well. Later in 2015, festival transformed into cultural exchange event where visitors had unique comparative learning experience of seeing works of Serbian and Japanese directors responding on same issue. Through previous events we have witnessed more common influence of filming crews from both countries which are identifying similar problems in our societies.


Thus, JSFF2018 lifts from cultural learning, through cultural exchange towards building future together.


2018 – VISION

Applications for 5th Japanese Serbian Film Festival 2018

Theme: “V I S I O N ”

Theme of JSFF2018 will deepen visionary status and skills of next generation. Due to expressive inconsistent interpretation, for this year, JSFF will provide three contexts for adapting VISION theme.

- Global Vision
- Documented Visionary Impact
- Vision Imaginative

Important notice: There are no categories for award, contexts are provided only as theme guideline.


GLOBAL VISION – In this context we are expecting works on “How do we imagine our world to be?” It is not limited to world, country, city or community, but we do hope to find global phenomena exposed within (Political, Social, Science and tech, Sports, Arts and other disciplines can be used as explanatory area of visionary world).

Parallel timelines showed that vision hasn’t straighten common global direction yet. While we have advanced robotics and Ai development breakthrough in Japan as visionary concept, in Serbia vision has more socio-political form. We understand that Japanese TV and Cinema for decades had built solid ground for mass understanding of advanced tech, thus innovations fantasy and scientific content grew into pop culture with strong global identity. Unlikely, Serbia (successor of SFR Yugoslavia) home of two outstanding innovative patents (FIRST ROBOTIC HAND and EXOSCELLETON), former regional robotic and technology leading country, facing complicated geo-political impacts have lost grounds of science and tech awareness. Today, we can mostly see social visionary topics in Serbian cinema.

DOCUMENTED VISIONARY IMPACT - Documentaries which follow impact of individuals or one group’s vision and its realization. No limitations of areas and disciplines followed.

Also interpret as Vision in Realization, other stories to enhance Visionary role in every process. We hope to see how ones or groups Vision inspired or led the idea to reality.


VISION IMAGINATIVE – There is grey area of undeterred meaning of “Vision” which we open for various interpretative methods.
Questions on which applicants can think to respond of could be:
- How vision would look like?
- How does Vision feel?

- How Vision behaves?
- What would world be without vision?
- How people without vision build their world?

- Surreal interpretation of vision (Images or sound)
- Others…


Application Criteria

Who can apply?


All movie authors whose movies match the qualification, regardless nationality, experience, profession or any additional criteria.


  • Lenght: Maximum length 30 minutes.

  • Genre: All genres

  • Country of origin: Japan, Serbia, Others (conditional)
    If movie is not created in production of one of JSFF mother countries, films are eligible for application if:
    - Directors origin country is Japan or Serbia
    - Film is made in Serbia or Japan by foreign production
    - Film follows Visionary phenomena in area of Serbia and/or japan
    - Topic relates to Visionary phenomena with Serbia and/or japan
    - Topic relates with global visionary phenomena (in this case Serbia and/or Japan should be one of countries from the content).

  • Year of Productions: All movies made after year: 2000.

  • Video format: wmv, avi, mp4, Mpeg, Asf,

Movies must not be larger than 1.6 GB (4k formats are not acceptable)

  • Theme: V I S I O N

  • Authors that have been screened on previous JSFF: YES

  • Authors that have applied on previous JSFF: YES

  • Movies that already been in application process (previous JSFF years): NO

  • Individual authors: YES

  • Group of authors: YES



JSFF2018 will have 3 AWARDS

  • Best Movie Overall

  • Best Serbian Vision

  • Best Japanese Vision

JSFF Jury keeps the right to add special awards or to change the list of Awards before the official Festival. Except the Best Movie Overall.

Application procedure:

Application should have:


  1. Filled and signed application form (in English mandatory) i japanese / Serbian (desirable)

Filled application form on English (obligatory) and Japanese/Serbian (optional)

  1. YouTube or Vimeo link of movie with English title (password)

  2. Trailer (optional)

  3. Photography of Director

  4. Movie poster

  5. Photography’s (Movie Scenes)

  6. Send all documents listed above to JSFF.submissions@gmail.com


IMPORTANT: All authors selected for the festival will be committed to forward Screening file matching applications criteria (not bigger than 1.6GB) and English title in .SRT or .TXT format.